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As McSmart we are the proud creators of the McSmart Truffles. These quality Dutch magic truffles are grown in Holland and well known across the whole world. Psychonauts have been relying on our strong and effective magic truffles for the last few decades. We simply know psilocybin sclerotia like no other! Check out the process in the How it’s Made section below.

How it's Made

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The entire production process takes place in a rustic province in the center of Holland. The truffles are cultivated with great care by true craftsmen that are involved in every step. That is why they can supply the best quality every time again. McSmart is the only company in the world that does everything themselves. From cultivation to marketing.


McSmart grows multiple different truffles including the Tampanensis, Mexicana and the Atlantis. In addition to these sorts we also have our own unique sorts: these are the MushRocks, Dragon’s Dynamite, Dutch Dragons and the High Hawaiians.

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Truffle process


The process from spores to truffles takes about one year in total. This process consists of several steps, each step is crucial. It begins with selecting the spores. The second step is to produce enough mycelia to be able to inoculate the grow medium inside the bags, this process has to be monitored carefully.

All the bags are then put in a special environment where every species has its own humidity, temperature and lighting. This can take up to six to nine months before the truffles are ready for harvesting.All the fully grown bags are selected and handpicked by our staff.

When the truffles haven been cleaned and vacuum sealed, they are put in the containers. After that they are ready to serve our customers. This is done in our distribution center.

Quality preservation

Attention and hygiene are crucial during the production process. This is to avoid contamination at all times. Through constant alertness, attention and passion for the profession, contamination hardly ever takes place.

Every step we take, how unimportant it may seem, is performed with full attention.

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Specialistic team

A small team of loyal, passionate, experienced staff takes care of the whole production in our facility. They are constantly trying to improve the process where possible.

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