If you have just eaten heavily, it can take longer for the psilocybin to work, so there is a chance that too much psilocybin is ingested because the effects are not experienced. However, the truffle effects will always occur with a large dose, these effects will be extra intense. Therefore, use the truffles 2 hours after a meal.

A sitter is a person who is present during the trip and stays sober. The sitter can put the tripper at ease and ensure that the trip goes well.

The risk of addiction is nil when using truffles . Due to the strong effects that occur when using magic truffles, in most cases they are not used often. As a result, the risk of mental dependence/addiction is very small. The body also gets used to truffles very quickly. After frequent use you will hardly feel the effects. However, the habituation or tolerance is also quickly reduced.

According to the book Addiction by Gable, RS and Jellinek, the physical risks of psychedelic truffles are negligible. Permanent organ damage has not yet been reported anywhere and the toxicity of the active ingredient psilocybin is very low. It is estimated that a lethal dose is at least 1000 times the effective dose (addiction (2004), Gable RS)

RIVM investigated the harmfulness of 19 stimulants and looked at how toxic each substance is, how addictive it is, and what the social damage is (aggression, road safety, absenteeism). Look here for the extensive reports: https://www.rivm.nl/drugs/risicobeoordelingen

In the Netherlands magic truffles are completely legal. But in some countries, Psilocybin holding products are not legal. Please check your own local rules and regulations.

Dutch minister Klink said the following about this: ‘Research by the VWA in 2002 showed that the total psilocin in samples of the sclerotia of the psilocybe tampanensis (truffles) was approximately 0.3%. The other types of mushrooms examined by the VWA in this context had a value between 0.5 and 0.9%. It can be concluded from this that truffles contain a lower value of hallucinogenic substances than mushrooms.

The strongest magic truffles are the High Hawaiians. Only experienced users should consider them.

We recommend starting off with a relatively milder magic truffle.  The Mexicana and Atlantis are two of the most popular magic truffles for beginners.

First of all you have to remember that most “problems” you will occur during a magic truffle trip are purely mental. Steering around and away from a bad trip could be done by thinking of nice things, listening to your favorite tune, moving to another room/place or talking to you fellow travelers.

When you have taken the measures above, but you are still in a bad place and want to stop the trip: go for Trip Stopper!  First take both dextrose tablets and let them dissolve in your mouth slowly. After that, take in the valerian capsules with some water. Now sit back and try to relax and not to worry.  You will start to feel normal again bit by bit. Pro tip: also try to eat something!

McSmart Truffles are cultivated and packed with the best care possible. Our truffles consist for about 35% out of solid substances. In comparison: a normal mushroom consists out of about 5% solid substances. The other 95% is water! That is why our magic truffles have a much longer shelf life than regular mushrooms. Because we always vacuum pack our products, we can guarantee a 3 months shelf life if stored correctly.

Sometimes the vacuum package isn’t completely tight around the product anymore. The truffles are a bit loose in the seal. This can have multiple causes. One of the most common causes is a change of air pressure and temperature. When this shifts the package could puff. Luckily this does not mean the truffles are not eatable anymore! In 99% of the cases the truffles are still perfectly fine. When in doubt, just do a little quality check.

Before use, you can always test magic truffles. First of all, get them out of the package and put them in the cup. Check if the truffles look “fresh”. Then smell them. If they smell a bit like nuts with some sour hints, they are okay. After that you could check them by feeling the structure. The truffles should be a bit firm and give some resistance while pinching them before they smash. If you have the feeling that you are pinching a smushy tomato, the truffles probably not okay anymore. When still in doubt, you can always send a photo!

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