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What dose should I start with?

Finding the perfect dose of magic truffles is a personal task. Users have to take multiple factors into account like the type of magic truffles, desired effects, environment, psychedelic experience, mental status, weight, physical health and more. Especially for beginners this could be quite confusing or daunting. Luckily we are here to help.

Please note that because of all the variables, our suggested doses are guidelines and vary per person. The suggestions are based on an average weight of about 70kg. If you weigh less, consider staying on the lower side of the suggested dosage range. If you are heavier, consider taking a bit more. When feeling unsure we always advise to start low and slow!

Also keep in mind that the experienced effects aren’t linear but they build up. Simply said, this means that just taking a few grams extra could feel like it doubles or triples the effects. So when redosing, do this with care!

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