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Famous Dutch Magic Truffles

Discover our full product-range of premium quality magic truffles. All of them are developed and cultivated by our experienced team of researchers and growers. Effectivity and reliability are our two most important pillars. That’s why you can rely on our psychedelic products time after time, trip after trip.

High Hawaiians

The strongest, the brightest and most notorious magic truffles you can get. Expect intense visuals and an ultimate psychedelic experience. Enjoy a kaleidoscopic wave of ecstasy!

Dragon's Dynamite

The popular Dragon’s Dynamite magic truffles are mysterious and strong. Anyone who dares to challenge the dragon, needs to become a dragon…

Dutch Dragons

These powerful orange dragons where Especially cultivated for King’s Day, a Dutch national holiday. They have never left the party and are here to stay!

Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise is all about the celebration of life. Love and unity rule the streets. Funky vibes are found in every corner. Above all, everyone’s invited. Just free your mind and enjoy the ride!


Step on an asteroid and explore the universe with these MushRocks. Travel without moving, open your eyes and enjoy the mysteries of our milky way.


Deep in the ocean lies the sunken city of Atlantis. Are you ready to explore it? These truffles are known as the “forbidden fruits”. Do you dare?


It is time for a fiesta! Bright colors, great vibes and a fantastic feeling. That is what you may expect from Mexicana truffles. Great for beginners.


Tampanensis, or Philosopher’s Stones, are the most humble magic truffles we have. These spiritual sclerotia are great for self-reflection, development of your inner soul and microdosing.